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Author: Michael Timmins

Subject: Re: Question for all on this list


On Wed, 2004-10-27 at 21:34, wrote:
> I am doing an informal survey of personal childhood interests in
> science
> that might have steered you into the sciences as a career
> This is for a project that I've undertaken regarding informal science
> as a motivational aid.

Born 1966
> Pleae register positive and negative responses
> Did you have a Lionel, AC Gilbert or other
> Chemistry set
> Erecetor set
> Microscope
> Physics set
> please name additional sets you might have had
Had all of the above. One of the coolest things I had which I have
never seen since was a plastic building set, kind of like an erector set
but the connections were welded with plastic. You had a small dremel
tool like drill with plastic needles that attached to it. The friction
from rotation of the needle caused it and the plastic it was pressed
against to melt and the pieces would be welded together. Wish I could
find one of these for my kids.
> Did you go to science museums
boston museum of science was the best. a close second was the natural
history museum.
> Did you read Popular science, science and mechanics, scientific
> American or other magazines. Please list name the ones you read on a
> regular basis and tell me why you liked or did not like them.
Not big on magazines, except comic books and of course national
geographic, but just for the articles.
> Name radio or TV shows that might have influenced you.
star trek, dr who, nova, twilight zone, $6,000,000 man, mr wizard
reruns, bond, james bond, gilligans island, I vaguely remember wanting
to be an "atomic bomb scientist" so I could make my own giant lizard.
> Name movies that might have inflluenced you.
star wars, logan's run, forbidden planet, westworld, planet of the apes,
journey to the center of the earth, 2001,

> Arfe thert any science books for kids that you might have read and
> remember fondly.
> Perhaps books such as Microbe Hunters by de Kruif.

nope. well, maybe one, my parents had a copy of How Things work with
lots of illustrations, can't remember the author. oh yea, encyclopedia
> were you influenced by Martin Gardner, Carl Sagan, or other. please
> name.
isaac asimov, frank herbert, Arthur C. Clarke, Dr. Seuss (environmental
> Any other informal science sources that you can think of would also be
> appreciated.

learned a lot of science while camping, much more than I realized at
the time.
> thanks in advance
> I will let all respondents know the tallys in a few weeks
> Be well
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