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Find a supplier of color filters that are used for lighting projects. A
21 x 24 inch sheet sells for around $7.

I use Lee filters. Red #106 Green #139 Blue #119 Cyan #116
Magenta #128 Yellow #104

My supplier will give me their color booklets for workshops at no cost.
Get the Numeric Edition if you can.

I believe it was Stu Shultz out of Michigan that gave me the numbers.


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This is a fascinating discussion since we are actually
mentioning different things than we did the last time
it came up in August. I will however repeat myself to
add to Karen's point.

--- wrote:

> The filters I mentioned earlier,
> available from Arbor
> include a spectral analysis for each color.

Arbor and Pasco sell filters, but they don't have the
same variety as you can get from a lighting supply
house. Go to look at their
choices. Your best bet, though, is to get their sample
book, which contains nearly every gel (filter) they
make along with a transmission graph for it.

And it's free.

Go to

and ask them to send you a swatch book. You also can
read the transmission curves online at

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