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Paul Fechtmeister
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>Pleae register positive and negative responses
>Did you have a Lionel, AC Gilbert or other
>Chemistry set yes... don't know brand name
>Erecetor set
>Physics set
>please name additional sets you might have had

rockets.... estes
>Did you go to science museums Yes, for hours on end.
>Did you read Popular science, science and mechanics, scientific American or
>other magazines. Please list name the ones you read on a regular basis and tell
>me why you liked or did not like them.

Popular science, mechanics, discover, scientific american, the boy scout magazine.

I liked them because they had all kinds of neat ideas about how the future would be. I wanted to build that stuff.

>Name radio or TV shows that might have influenced you.

PBS Cosmos......
>Name movies that might have inflluenced you.

Star Wars
>Arfe thert any science books for kids that you might have read and remember
>Perhaps books such as Microbe Hunters by de Kruif.

I read chemistry texts and physics texts... I wanted to do real stuff.

>were you influenced by Martin Gardner, Carl Sagan, or other. please name.

Carl Sagan..... James Randi...

>Any other informal science sources that you can think of would also be

My interest in scouts and rockets went hand in hand. Also my interest in camping I think relates directly to hiding under my bunk bed and blocking out all of the light with my brother and pretending that it was an apollo command module. We spent hours under there with food and writing controls and dials on the underside of the bed wooden frame with a marker. Had to use flashlights. A lot like camping.

>thanks in advance
>I will let all respondents know the tallys in a few weeks
>Be well
>City University of New York
>Center for Advanced Study in Education
>NYC, NY 10021

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