Date: Wed, 27 Oct 2004 11:24:10 -0600

Author: "Zigmund J. Peacock"

Subject: S-W


Taplers, while we are on the subject of Sargent-Welch [and other
suppliers of stupidly designed equipment].
I have several Cartesian Divers # WL1040 that are made from clear
glass! Have you ever tried to see a clear glass Cartesian Diver at 10 ft
in water? They are nicely invisible, and don't tell me to use colored
water then all you can see is colored water.
Where the hell do these people find their designers/engineers, or do
they just make the parts as cheap as possible without any thought as to
how the apparatus will be used [likely].
The only good thing is it led me to explore my box of glassware odds
and ends [huge] in which I found three pre-dummy Cartesian divers one
red and two yellow.

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