Date: Tue, 26 Oct 2004 11:33:06 -0700

Author: "John Welch"

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Maybe it would be worth trying rubber cement, as in patching a bicycle tube.
Apply to one surface, let it dry then press. ??

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> If you're going to buy this stuff to make VdG belts, how do you join the
> two ends? The stuff is too thin to glue with a butt joint, and super
> glue ain't so super in shear, so an overlap won't work. How do I know?
> Been there, done that!
> Can you 'melt' the ends together? Is this stuff rubber? Already
> vulcanized? Don't try melting this stuff if it is - phew! Smells worse
> than "fill in the name of your department smelly person, every
> department has one!".
> The belts on my VdG are urethane from Durabelt. I chose urethane
> because it works great with the delrin and teflon rollers. I suppose I
> could change the rollers on my Cenco VdG to these materials, but that
> would be too easy!
> Machele, did we ever figure out which Cenco VdG you have? Is it the
> large one with the ground electrode, or the single dome on a square
> base? Do you have a picture?
> Sam
> Zigmund J. Peacock wrote:
> > Bill and taplers all,
> > Bill wrote "Cando® is a brand name band that comes in 10, 15,& 30
> > inch lengths & three different "strengths" for $5 or less."
> >
> >
> > This is the outfit selling belts in bulk. Maybe we ought to
> > pickup the appropriate box or two of them and redistribute them at the
> > Summer Meeting from the PIRA resource room? If they were repackaged in
> > airtight Ziploc baggies [Costco bulkpack] they would last a long time.
> > Zig
> >
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