Date: Fri, 22 Oct 2004 09:43:49 -0400

Author: Richard Flarend

Subject: Re: ping-pong ball/ Bernoulli effect demo


Ok, I'll stick my neck out here.
Clearly the ping-pong ball doesn't levitate due to the bernoulli
effect. But I have always thought that it was the bernoulli effect that
keeps the ball within the channel of moving air. Is there something
else doing this?

Incidentally, virtually all demonstations show multiple concepts of
physics. The principal one wants to 'demonstrate' depends very much on
the presentation of the demo.

Richard Flarend

Richard Berg wrote:

>Perhaps it should be pointed out that this demonstration does not show the
>Bernoulli effect. Levitation, the curve ball, the Flettner ship, the
>airplane wing, etc. are NOT examples of the Bernoulli effect.
>Interesting, yes, but ....
>Dick Berg
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