Date: Fri, 15 Oct 2004 08:18:47 -0500

Author: "Cliff Bettis"

Subject: Re: localized energy mode demo, i.e pendulum revisited



Is there any particular relationship between the pendulum period and the
torsional oscillator period?


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Subject: localized energy mode demo, i.e pendulum revisited

> I saw the coolest demo yesterday. Al Sievers from Cornell gave a
> colloquium here yesterday and brought a demo with him.
> Picture a dozen small identical pendulms suspended from a single rod,
> perhaps from a bearing, so the rod does not play any role in
> transferring energy. Then, connect each of the pivot points with
> springs so that as the pendulums oscillate, the springs either wind up
> or unwind. The direction of oscillation is perpendicular to the length
> of the suspension rod, i.e., if the pendulums all dangle from rod
> horizontal and parallel to your screen, the pendulums oscillate in and
> out of the screen.
> So, here are two questions for you:
> 1) For small starting amplitudes, the initial conditions for all pendula
> being equal, what do expect to see?
> 2) Same as 1, but for very large starting amplitudes?
> I'll post the answer later after I hear your thoughts.
> Sam
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