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Ziggy, nice to see that you are up and around and looking for new cool
toys to play with! Yeah! erica
(Dave Kardelis' wife)

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Taplers, I was perusing the McMaster-Carr site mention by Paul Nord and
at the bottom of page 2433 is a Rank-Hilsch tube.
A marvelous curiosity you put 80 psi air in and get -40 C cold air
out of one end and warm air from the other.
At $300 not bad price for a department that has almost everything
and needs something cool and amazing for Thermo.
I have been told that the only reason it works so well is the
"Maxwell Demon" that is busy sorting hot air molecules from the cold one

and assigning the to their respective ends of the apparatus.

Paul Nord wrote:

> There are also commercial devices. Check the McMaster-Carr catalog.
> Pages 2432-2434 in the current catalog.
> Paul

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