Date: Wed, 29 Sep 2004 12:54:54 -0400

Author: Michael Timmins

Subject: Re: Fun, quick demos for kids


Another neat electrostatic demo is to take a 3 ft pvc rod, some silk and
then cut a strip off of a grocery bag so you have a ring of plastic
about a foot or so in diameter (whatever diameter the bag is) and about
1" wide. rub the rod and ring with the silk and you can float the ring
above the rod. If you make a few, you can have races.

Of course, if she can get it, nothing beats LN2 at a party!


On Wed, 2004-09-29 at 12:03, Dudak, Edward wrote:
> One thing kids seem to like are electrostatics demos. You can use an
> ordinary wood dowel for a rod and rub it with a section of soft plastic. We
> use a piece of a cover from one of those soft 3 ring binders. The result is
> a rod charged just as well as from a cat's fur on rubber. Then pick a kid
> that has long fine hair and the rod will attract it. Kids love to see their
> friends hair stand up. Another idea is to have some small balloons that you
> rub on clothing and then they stick to the wall. Works best when wearing
> sweaters but other clothes should work too. There's a couple for starters.
> -Ed
> > A friend of mine is having a birthday party for one of their kids with a
> > science theme. She wants to know what good physics demos she could do
> > with the group. I think the girl is about 7. Any suggestions?
> >
> > Chele
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