Date: Wed, 22 Sep 2004 12:26:47 -0400

Author: sampere

Subject: giant car.


Dear all,

As advertised, I have the giant Pasco car that was on display at the
factory during the AAPT meeting. Because of all the interest this
generated, Pasco generously donated the car to my demo room. They have
also agreed to let me disclose any of the design details. Are any of
you interested? Should I spend my time doing this so you can all build
a few copies? It think we just have to agree not to try and market them.

It's very cool, weighs about 10 ~ 15 lbs (estimated). It looks pretty
simple to build upon initial inspection. The body appears to made
entirely of wood with a 1/16" aluminum plate to hold the spring loaded
axle assemblies in place. The black plastic endcaps appear to be
machined from solid black delrin, as are the wheels.

The silver part of the car (all wood) is about 33.5 cm long and 21.3 cm
wide. The endcaps are 4.3 cm thick and are screwed to the ends of the
car, making the overall length 33.5 + 2*4.3 cm. The overall height not
including the wheels, is 9.3 cm. This includes the top rails which hold
the rectangular mass blocks.

So, if there is interest and you want more detailed information, let me


From Wed Sep 22 13:27:20 2004