Date: Sun, 19 Sep 2004 21:23:08 -0400 (EDT)

Author: John Mocko

Subject: Re: Interesting Article on Student Response System and MIT Physics


Hi Urs,

Are SRS systems the euphoric thing they sound like? I'd have to say that
like anything else in's the teacher that really makes a
difference, not the technology. A bad teacher will still be a bad teacher
whether they use powerpoint, SRS systems or a piece of chalk.....they just
don't have the natural teaching talent. However a good teacher can put
chalk, powerpoint, SRS or just about any other piece of technology (or
junk laying around the lab for that matter) to good use and be a good
teacher. In my experience, teaching is an instinct that you've either got
or you don't. If you have the instinct it may vary in how good you are at
applying it but you still have it and training will help improve it....but
if you don't have it you pretty much stink at teaching.

I can say that our faculty on the whole like using the SRS system we have
(HITT)........both the good teachers and the "not so good" ones. :-)


On Sat, 18 Sep 2004, Urs Lauterburg wrote:

> Dear TAPlers,
> Are all voices for the computer technology sponsored Student Response
> Systems positive or are there any justified critical voices as well? To me
> it seems as if this technology is received a bit too euphoric. Of course
> it's always difficult to admit partial failure after spending thousands of
> $$ for the wonderful Modern Times. As more money spent as more difficult it
> gets to disapprove the progress.
> I think our traditional auditorium which is also equipped with a lots of
> contemporary audiovisual technology is a pretty humane place too even if
> there is no SRS and fortunately at the moment no plans to install one.
> Eventually everyone will follow the trend-setting MIT groove though, very
> much as sheep follow the shepherds
> Regards to all and specially to Ziggy.. I hope all is well with you in SLC..
> Urs from Switzerland
> >John and Taplers M & F,
> > Quoting the MIT article "Instead, there is the most humane
> >classroom I've ever seen."
> > What the H--- is a "humane classroom" ? Obviously an Ed D kind of thing
> > Dumb old fart. Zig
> >
> >PS. 9 students at a table sounds like an egregious waste of space!
> >
> >John Mocko wrote:
> >
> >>Hi Tap-l,
> >>
> >>Here's an interesting article about MIT's renovation of their physics
> >>program and auditorium and the use of a student response system.
> >>
> >>
> >>
> >>Sincerely,
> >>John
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John Mocko
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