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I am not sure if the Utah State retirement is available here at CEU. I
know some of the long term employees are on the state retirement. As
faculty I only had the option of TIAA/CREF when I started. We are
expecting the benefits to come in at about $12k for this position,
Insurance costs would be around $8k for a family. Our insurance is the
best in the state as the Regents and Legislature keep complaining to us
about, but the salaries here are a bit lower because of it.

This last year, the insurance changed- If you wanted the same coverage
as last year you had to pay about $60/month for a family. If you went
for a more restricted plan-- limited hospitals and doctors you not only
did not have to pay the $60, but you got a $60 rebate/month and a lower
copay. In Price all the doctors and the local hospital have signed on
for the cheaper plan( the local hospital is rated in the top 100
nationwide by the way). If I need to go over the mountain to SLC, I
would have to skip the first hospital and go to the second with the
cheaper insurance. To be honest if I have to go over the mountain, I
would go the extra 30 minutes and go to the U of Utah hospital anyway
which is on the discounted plan.


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> Taplers, a further update to Dave Kardelis' Lab/demo position letter.
> The University of Utah computes benefits at ~25% it used to be in
> the 27% range but we've had a little erosion due the morons in the
> legislature.
> My health insurance is below $60 a month and that is a huge chunk
> and dental checks in at $16 a month for single coverage.
> Utah retirement is very good at 65% of your final salary at the
> of 30years service or you can take TIAA/CREF for your retirement, you
> get about 1% less put in your retirement [13%] if you choose this
> I hope this encourages some of you out there. Zig
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