Date: Mon, 13 Sep 2004 10:35:54 -0400

Author: sampere

Subject: Re: "Kiss" Multiplex Hologram


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Andrew Graham wrote:

> John,
> John Mocko wrote:
>> I have a story about this hologram......sometime before I arrived (in
>> 1990) at the Unversity of Florida.....the previous demo guy put this
>> hologram on display in the hallway as a demo for those visiting the
>> building. I've been told there were complaints filed by students against
>> it's display because it was in their opinion "sexist".
> We also have a Kiss hologram. We had a similar reaction, but from a
> faculty member.
>> [W]e have a roughly 3 ft x 4 ft hologram of a T. Rex
>> Skull displayed in the lobby that is SPECTACULAR!! The T. Rex appears to
>> stick 4 ft out in front of the hologram. People who are unaware of it's
>> presence can sometimes but surprised and scared as they walk by and this
>> skull suddenly appears in their peripheral vision from the hallway nook
>> where it's located. It's also got a lovely mural painted all around
>> it by
>> an art student that makes the skull look like it's coming out of a
>> cave in
>> a tropical rainforest.
> John, is the T. Rex hologram available commerically?
> thanks,
> andy graham

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