Date: Mon, 21 Jun 2004 14:49:25 -0400

Author: Stephen Irons

Subject: Newsletter available on PIRA web site


Hi All,

At long last issue 17, no 1 of the PIRA newsletter is available on our
web site. go to the member's area and click on newsletter. If you've
forgotten the password, email Chele and she can give it to you. If you
are not a member of PIRA you can join for the low annual rate of $10,
which you can send to the address below. If you really want a copy but
don't want (or can't) pay the membership fee, send me an email with
your hard luck story and and I may email you a PDF version. By the way
there are quite a number of people who have not paid their 2003 dues.
If you aren't sure, I can tell you if you are up to date. Our dues are
very modest but they do help with the resource room at the Summer
Meeting. Please consider joining or renewing.

I'll also be bringing hard copies to the summer meeting to pass out at
the resource room.

See you all there.

Stephen Irons, Treasurer
Physics Instructional Resource Association

Membership checks can be sent to:
Yale University Department of Physics
217 Prospect Street
P.O. box 208120
New Haven, CT 06520
From Mon Jun 21 15:42:16 2004