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Subject: Re: handcrank a fluourescent bulb?



I recently made a great bike generator. I bought a surplus treadmill motor for $60 and rigged it onto an excersise bike. When cranked hard it puts out almost 100 volts DC briefly. But typically it puts out about 60 v for a sustained period. I use a load of 4 parallel 250 Watt Lamps that can be switched in one at a time. A strong pedaler can generate almost 1 KW for a brief period, lighting all 4 lamps brightly.

An inverter is needed to convert DC into AC and I don't think it wil work easily with variable power? Jerry

> From: "Jason St. John"
> Date: 2004/06/29 Tue PM 02:26:35 EDT
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> Subject: handcrank a fluourescent bulb?
> I got a good one:
> A business student here approached me looking for a way to demonstrate
> that certain Sylvania compact fluourescent bulbs consume less power than
> the incandescent bulbs they are meant to replace. He wanted to compare
> the difficulty of hand-cranking generators to power each of these bulbs.
> Problem is, he'd need to put out 120V 60Hz, regardless of speed, and
> hand-cranked generators rarely exceed 12V. I suggested a generator on a
> bicycle, but he said they want to be able to put this in store
> displays--first in Vermont, and eventually across the nation if the
> campaign takes off. How much would a bicycle-and-generator cost? What
> voltage could it possibly reach?
> Any bright ideas?
> -jmsj
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