Date: Wed, 23 Jun 2004 13:18:20 -0700

Author: Physics Demo Room

Subject: Electroscope


I am looking for a good electroscope fro an overhead projector. I have
one I bought around 10 - 20 years ago ( time flies!) call a Project -
o- Scope. Doesn't work that great for some applications, but for
demonstrating the photoelectric effect (zinc plate being discharged by
UVB light) it works great. By the way, did you know that galvonized
sheet metal has enough zinc in it to discharge quite nicely when it is
exposed to UVB light? Just found that out today! Anyway, I can't
remember where I bought this Project-o-Scope...

Otherwise, I am looking for good source for an electroscope for an
overhead projector. More robust than the foil leaf. This will be
going around the state of Oregon for WYP 2005.


From Thu Jun 24 09:13:51 2004