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Author: William Beaty

Subject: Silicone Oil and ferrofluid (fwd)


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Subject: Silicone Oil and ferrofluid
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Has anyone out there suspended Ferrofluid in silicone oil? I recall seeing
a description of this once. Essentially the silicone oil prevented the
ferrofluid from "staining" the sides of the container, resulting in a
ferrofluid set-up that would be a lot more suited for an exhibition floor
(picture a sealed container with ferrofluid in a silicone oil where the two
liquids don't mix). If anyone's experimented with this, where did you get
your silicone oil and what weight did you go with?
I know, this may depend on how your ferrofluid is/was made, but since we
purchased the ferrofluid, we *really* don't know what it's weight is and
how it was made. So, if we can assume most commercial ferrofluid
manufacturers use a similar process, has anyone experimented with this?

Thank you in advance!


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