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Author: Gerald Zani

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The best high dispersion liquid for use in a liquid prism is carbon
disulfide I believe. Jerry

At 03:26 PM 5/27/2004 -0400, you wrote:
>If anyone can get a 'clean' glass walled 'water' prism (the ones on the
>austrian site appear to be lead soldered on the edges) then you can fill
>it with ethyl cinnamate (spelling)-- very high dispersion. Dick and Rae
>at VMI use this for their prism and it works lovely-- see O-270 in their
>demo manual for more on this. Don't open it often though, it supposedly
>has very strong smell.
>Does anyone know of a source for high quality glass prism 'jars'?? Dick n
>Rae had one with a glass stopper, so I think it's rather old.
>sampere wrote:
>>Those are water prisms. I have one of those and water just doesn't make
>>nice pretty rainbows. Keep the tips coming. We're going to stumble on
>>the right answer eventually.
>>I wish you could electropolish glass. Darn!
>>Machele Cable wrote:
>>>How about an Austrian Crystal "rainbow maker"? So far, I've caught that
>>>you really only want to make rainbows, right? This company has one that
>>>is 10 1/2 inches high for $36. They call it a Diamond, but it looks like
>>>a scewed cube to me. If its the right shape, you could have it cut and
>>>the one side reploished and get two out of it.
>>>At any rate, check it out. Scroll down to about the middle of the page.
>>>sampere wrote:
>>>>Chuck, Chuck, Chuck,
>>>>Thanks for trying to help. I already tried out the google search and
>>>>came up with nothing. I'm looking for an equilateral prism with sides
>>>>in the range of 3" ~ 4", or roughly 12" perimeter. The 35 mm (~1-1/2")
>>>>sides are very easy to find. I'm looking for a big honking prism.
>>>>I'm pretty sure that a bunch of you would want at least one if we can
>>>>find them for a reasonable price, right?
>>>>Arbor sells one, but it's acrylic. Anybody have any comments on that
>>>>one? I'm probably going to spent the $20 just to try it out.
>>>>Bill, how does n(lambda) of your cast prism compare to acrylic? Any idea?
>>>>I know I come across as pretty dense sometimes, but I'm really not that
>>>>dense. (Ok, no side comments from the peanut gallery here!) My 10 year
>>>>old was quite successful in teaching me how to use google efficiently.
>>>>Thanks y'all,
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