Date: Thu, 27 May 2004 09:22:39 -0700

Author: Physics Demo Room

Subject: Re: prisms


As I mentioned in my previous email, I bought one of the Arbor acrylic
prisms. It is worth about $5 as a paperweight. the projected
dispersion is very disappointing. (Perhaps those of us who have worked
with a fine prism are spoiled! The smaller glass ones I bought from I
think Edmond about 5 years ago or so are much better.

I should show you the depressing picture of my very large prism. All
from accidents with student helpers. I actually had our glass
specialist cut one of the worst broken sides which was nice and then a
student dropped it again!!! Its not like I don't have accidents
also... this one just depresses me more... just the way it goes...


On Thursday, May 27, 2004, at 07:27 AM, sampere wrote:

> Chuck, Chuck, Chuck,
> Thanks for trying to help. I already tried out the google search and
> came up with nothing. I'm looking for an equilateral prism with sides
> in the range of 3" ~ 4", or roughly 12" perimeter. The 35 mm
> (~1-1/2") sides are very easy to find. I'm looking for a big honking
> prism.
> I'm pretty sure that a bunch of you would want at least one if we can
> find them for a reasonable price, right?
> Arbor sells one, but it's acrylic. Anybody have any comments on that
> one? I'm probably going to spent the $20 just to try it out. Bill,
> how does n(lambda) of your cast prism compare to acrylic? Any idea?
> I know I come across as pretty dense sometimes, but I'm really not
> that dense. (Ok, no side comments from the peanut gallery here!) My
> 10 year old was quite successful in teaching me how to use google
> efficiently.
> Thanks y'all,
> Sam
From Thu May 27 13:14:50 2004