Date: Tue, 6 Apr 2004 16:13:57 -0400 (EDT)


Subject: Re: 6 volt landern battery


Lou Burger writes:
:How does a 6 volt landern battery differ from 4 1.5 D cells in series?
:Does it last longer than 4 1.5 D cells in series?

A quick web search turns up this page:

which indicates that the capacities are very close, with the D cells
actually having slightly more capacity (12 Amp-hours as compared to
11 Amp-hours for the large Lantern battery).

However, there is another difference, which will be important if
you are drawing high currents; the internal resistance of the lantern
battery is much lower than the D cells. The lantern battery will
be better able to deliver high currents (over an amp or so).

This is important, if you are, say, trying to do the Curie point

I hope this helps.


Erich Burton 3-2602
Boston University Physics Department
From Tue Apr 6 16:29:35 2004