Date: Tue, 20 Apr 2004 16:50:40 -0700

Author: "Chuck"

Subject: RE: Electric Field mapping experiments?


Hi Andy,

I don't have any experience with PASCO's equipment. I you are interested in
mapping an H-field environment, you might consider looking on the web for
loop antenna and couplers from Global Navigation. The loop antenna is about
9" square and consists of two loops with integral amplifier and conditioning
electronics. The coupler is an Amplifier combiner and power supply. The
loop outputs can be fed to a spectrum analyzer (0-100Khz) and allow you to
look at signals in the VLF range.

good luck!

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Subject: Electric Field mapping experiments?

We're looking to introduce some sort of electric field mapping experiment,
perhaps something similar to PASCO's "Field Mapper Kit". Does anyone
have any experience with that kit or have alternative recommendations?

On balance, we're willing to trade a bit of money to avoid having to do
too much custom construction in the shop, but a home-built set-up is not
out of the question if it'd be significantly better (or cheaper!).

Andy Dougherty
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