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Subject: Re: How to display two pulses 100 ns apart?


Some Tektronix model scopes allow for a VGA output accessory module. This is how I do it.

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> Subject: Re: How to display two pulses 100 ns apart?
> We sometimes point the gooseneck camera (or other CCTV camera) at the
> screen of the scope and throw that image on the projector screen or TVs.
> There's a little raster flicker that you have to live with, but some of
> the students seem to actually like it better when they are looking at the
> same screen as the instructor.
> there's $.02
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> Having purchased Arbor's neat little speed-of-light apparatus, I got a nice result using a high-speed two-channel oscilloscope: two 1-V or so pulses separated by about 100 ns. I want to display this output on the big screen using my LCD projector. Towards this end I purchased the PICO/DrDAQ PC Oscilloscope package from Arbor, but am stymied by the input plugs: FCC 68 4/4. The only solution seems to be ordering 2 pricey sensor adapters from a UK or Australian distributor (Arbor seems not to have them). Suggestions as to a faster/cheaper/better solution?
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