Date: Tue, 23 Mar 2004 22:55:07 -0600

Author: "Matt Lowry"

Subject: Re: textbook adoption



We use Hewitt's Conceptual Physics for both our college-prep and
introductory courses. In order to get some more mathematical "meat"
into the curriculum, we just supplement with various other materials.
All in all, I think CP forms a good core for such a curriculum.


Matt Lowry
Lake Forest HS
Lake Forest, IL

>>> 03/23/04 5:13 PM >>>
At our high school we are looking to adopt a new textbook for our
college prep physics program. There are only 2 physics teachers at our
high school and we are leaning toward Conceptual Physics by Paul
Hewitt. We are currently using Physics 3rd edition by Giancoli. Since
we only get to switch texts every 8 years, we want to make the right
choice. Does anybody currently use Conceptual Physics that can offer
some advice about it, or does anyone have a better suggestion for
another adoption?
Bob T

From Wed Mar 24 07:40:23 2004