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E field on a plane surface..

Nails sticking up through a piece of styrofoam insulation.
Rectangular wire can be a Gaussian surface that shows the number of
field lines captured depends on the angle.

Van de Graaf with light strings attached to it. Field lInes.

Hoberman sphere can be a Gaussian Surface of equipotentials and show
how V decreases by 1/R''

Putting the flourescent tube perpendicular to the surface lights up the
tube showing there must be a potential difference.

On Friday, February 27, 2004, at 07:56 AM, Chuck Britton wrote:

> short and simple request
> can anybody recommend their favorite 3d visualization of e-fields and
> equipotentials.
> (MicroSoft bound app's are not of interest)
> thanx
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Subject: Re: Aluminum Track
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