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Author: Gerald Zani

Subject: Re: Motion of falling bodies demo



I don't know of one to buy, so I would advise to go homemade. I once saw
something that is perfect for you. It is a simple mechanism that used a
small air pump and a Venturi fitting that blows air into tygon tube to pull
balls out of a lower bucket and lift them some height to dispense them into
a higher hopper.

The one I saw was made for a trade show booth by a colleague at an
industrial company I once worked for 12 years ago. It continually dropped
balls and detected them as they crossed an IR light curtain. The detector
was called the "Die Spy". It was a control device that was made for the
metal stamping industry to stop a stamping machine if a piece was not
ejected after it was stamped by the die. Jerry

E-mail or call me if you have questions. Jerry

At 04:04 PM 9/25/2003 -0400, you wrote:
> I'm trying to recreate an old demo that was used in the 60's that
>is similar to Meiners 7-1.15 (page 115). Basically its an apparatus that
>drops balls at a set rate in synchronization with a strobe. The main
>difficulty is the dispenser--does anyone know of any industrial or
>consumer products that can dispense regular objects at a set rate? Or
>will this have to be custom made...
>Gary Steinberg

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