Date: Thu, 25 Sep 2003 14:45:26 -0700

Author: Doug Johnson

Subject: Re: Awesome EM induction demo!


Try a thin sheet of rubber over the top of the copper plate. Another idea
is use heat shrink on the magnet and let it overlap the ends a bit..

My 2 cents worth... Doug J.

>Howdy tappers,
>I just got my hands on the materials for the amazing demo that Zig and
>the PIRA Gang displayed at the AAPT meeting in Madison... the alloy 101
>O2-free copper plate with neodynium magnet. It's a freakshow! My
>department is going nuts over this demo.
>For those who don't know, what you do is take the magnet in your hand,
>pass it over the plate, and you can really feel the magnetic braking
>forces as a result of the EM-induction in the copper. There are all
>kinds of tricks to do with this one, but the best are with LN2 cooling
>down the copper! I strongly encourage you to check this one out.
>Anyway, on to my question: I'm concerned that dropping the magnet onto
>the plate could chip it since neodynium magnets are somewhat ceramic in
>nature. Is there anything someone would suggest that I coat the magnet
>with in order to protect it?
>Matt Lowry
>Lake Forest HS
>Lake Forest, IL

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