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Author: Cynthia Coutre

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Thanks to everyone for the suggestion on equip organization! Wish me
luck. I'll probably be wearing a mask to keep from choking on the dust.

Dick- The "leaving you car keys" suggestion is great! *giggles* If I
started that, I would definitely insist that faculty with cool cars borrow
the equipment for the entire day... and if I needed to run an errand while
I had the keys, well...


At 08:38 PM 9/18/2003 -0400, Dick Heckathorn wrote:
>I forgot one thing earlier. Some items are prone to be used and not
>returned. These I keep under lock in a closet and will only personally
>give them out. They must be signed for. It's amazing that I have lost
>very little.
>A number of years ago, a teacher took some things and did not bring them
>all back. From then on, he had to leave something of value, usually his
>car keys which I returned when he gave the things back. Never a problem
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> When I was faced with this same task, I had already attended a
>workshop, and the DCS loomed large in my mind. It became the solution
>how to organize this place. So now, there is an area of the lab
>for each category (Mechanics, Fluids, etc). Within each area, equipment
>arranged according to DCS number.
> Some items were easy. If they had only one use, then the
>DCS number was assigned to them and they were stored in that area. If
>had more than 1 use within the same category, then they were stored in a
>general use part of that area that is more easily accessible. If they
>more than 1 use in different categories then they went into the category
>(Equipment) storage area. Another way to think of it is to give an item
>the most complete DCS number you can, then store it accordingly.
> That sounds fairly straightforward, but as usual, when you go out
>into the real world there are other considerations. Some things don't
>conveniently on shelves. Heavy items are safer on lower shelves, as
>already mentioned. Available space may not permit what you want to do.
>compromises have to be made. But, at least in my case, the compromises
>not wreak havoc with the plan.
> After a while you will remember where commonly used items are no
>matter what system you use. It's the infrequently used stuff that is
>difficult. With this system, I just have to think what category it's
>and that gets me close enough...
>At 12:23 PM 9/18/2003, you wrote:
> >Does anyone have suggestions on how to organize a storeroom of lab
> >equipment? I'm about to take on this project! After the grouping the
> >power supplies, masses, clamps, meter sticks, etc... is there an
> >way to group things that aren't used all the time? Do you have an isle
> >for Mechanics and another for E&M? What about equipment that is used
>in both?
> >
> >Cynthia

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