Date: Fri, 12 Sep 2003 13:54:45 -0600

Author: "Duane Warn"

Subject: Puzzle of two Salts (wasRe: 5D40.30 - radioactive discharge)



Isn't 500 C fo Cobalt 60 quite stout? Where can that stout of source be found?


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In case others are interested:

I used 737 g of Morton's salt (standard cylindrical package) irradiated for
3 days with a 500 C Cobalt 60 source (food irradiator). It turns the NaCl a
yellowish brown color (color centers) and when you drop some on a hot plate,
it scintillates (very pretty). I present it as the puzzle of two salts. I
show the students two salts, KCl and NaCl , and tell them one of them has
been irradiated with a very strong gamma source and the other is as it is
from the store. One is radioactive and the other is not, one will glow in
the dark (with a little heat) and the other will not. Which is which?


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