Date: Thu, 11 Sep 2003 11:03:50 -0400

Author: "John L. Hubisz"

Subject: AAPT Pins


If you got your pin at the Meeting it cost $ 0.75 and if it was mailed to
you, it cost $1.42.

Many organizations send out little trinkets, usually with their name on it
so as to keep you thinking about them. With organizations such as AAPT,
the schools that you graduated from, and other charitable groups, it is a
hint that donations are gratefully accepted. I am sure that the AAPT got
more than enough in donations through this effort to cover the
cost. Whether you are a "pin person" or not, most recipients probably
thought positively about the AAPT and even maybe you thought about
including something in your will for the AAPT.

Best wishes,


John L. Hubisz, Physics Department, Box 8202, North Carolina State
University, Raleigh NC 27695-8202;, (919)515-2515,
(919)515-7331 FAX

HOME: 1604 South Salem Street, Apex NC 27502-7251,,
(919)362-5782 (Voice & FAX)

From Thu Sep 11 15:06:15 2003
From: "Michael Thomason"
Subject: RE: 5D40.30 - radioactive discharge
Date: Thu, 11 Sep 2003 15:49:07 -0600
Organization: Physics Learning Laboratories
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Hassle-free until your Radiation Safety office sees it. My Radiation Safety
office put id numbers and licenses on my "static eliminators" and requires
instructors have a training certificate to use them.

Michael Thomason, Director, Physics Learning Laboratories
University of Colorado, Boulder, Department of Physics

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[] On Behalf Of Dale Stille
Sent: Thursday, September 11, 2003 1:00 PM
Subject: Re: 5D40.30 - radioactive discharge


I was showing my radioactive camera lens to some faculty this week when one
of them told me about another radioactive device for use with cameras. I
turns out that most good camera stores sell a lens brush that has a small
polonium 210 source in it. Cost is around $20. So, I got one and tried it
out in place of my high priced licensed americium source for discharging a
negatively charged electroscope or charged parallel plates. Worked just fine
at distances of 5 cm or less. For those of you wishing to do or develop
this demo it would be a cheap and hassle free alternative.

Dale Stille
U of Iowa

From Fri Sep 12 06:33:16 2003