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Author: Jerry Hester

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Our astronomy labs run that lab and they have used either sand from a local
beach (here in Charleston they say that the Ashley River and Cooper River
flow together to form the Atlantic Ocean) or playbox sand. Beach sand is free
unless you get caught; playbox sand is cleaner and more expensive.

I seem to recall there is a hazard of silicosis from very finely divided
silicon sand, but silicon dioxide is a primary constituant of almost all
naturally occuring sands. The problem is with very fine particulate matter,
which can form if sand is handled extensively, I suppose. I don't personally
rank this as "right up there" as a major hazard, but that's off the top of my
head. I think it's more of a concern for those who use sand for sandblasting.


On Tuesday 2003 September 09 11:41, Andy Smith wrote:
> Hello Tap'l-ers,
> I have a safety question for you. In the past we have performed a
> cratering formation lab by dropping metal balls into a box of sand. The
> sand that we have found to produce the best results was silica sand. On
> acquiring another 100lb bag of the stuff, I found a rather large warning
> label about possible health problems caused by the sand. Does anyone else
> use silica sand or have any information on the dangers of using it in a two
> hour lab? Also, does anyone else perform cratering labs with a different
> material?
> Thanks for all your valued help. -Andy.
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The last I have for Jim is:

Clarence Bennett wrote:

> Email I send to Jim comes back.
> Do any of you know a new address for him?

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