I did this once as a student at Penn State. The effect on my voice was
much more pronounced than He--my voice dropped through the floor! The
effect also lasted longer than for He, maybe 2 times as long. One
breath could keep your voice deep for 30 seconds I think. I'm unsure
about long-term effects--except that I can't sing tenor (but that's ok
because I couldn't sing tenor before either :-)


On Friday, September 5, 2003, at 11:35 AM, Eric Ayars wrote:

> And inhaling SF6 is a good idea because...?
> I'm guessing it does the opposite to your voice as He, right? Any
> concerns about "pooling" in the bottom of your lungs? It's pretty
> dense stuff.
> Just curious. I've never done this one.
> Eric
> On Friday, September 5, 2003, at 08:12 AM, Jason St. John wrote:
>> What purity do I need if someone wants to try inhaling SF6?
>> "Instrument
>> Grade" is available from Airgas, and 99.9% pure. That's a real
>> measurement. They say they can't sell that grade for human
>> consumption,
>> but their concerns seems to be about drug-testing forms rather than
>> toxicity. While I'm waiting for the rep to call back, I'd love some
>> of
>> that good old fashioned tap-l discussion.
>> -jmsj
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