Date: Wed, 3 Sep 2003 13:15:28 -0500

Author: "Karl I. Trappe"

Subject: RE: Sliding into first base


I knew Ramon was a genius the first time I met him...Karl
>Hello Jerry,
>Maybe we could get some funding for this research...let's contact the
>baseball commissioner...or we can put a "fun competition" spin and contact a
>beer company. We can call it the Budweiser PIRA Ball...I can see it...
>hundreds of competitors from several schools sliding into base while we
>perform video capturing and analysis to determine the fastest slide, the
>most efficient slide, and the most crowd pleasing. Just think of it...we'll
>get lots of data, advertise PIRA, and we get to drink free beer!
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>Advanced Physics Laboratories.
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>Subject: RE: Sliding into first base
> I'll play ball but not too sure about the experimental sliding
>(unless we can get one of those Wham-O water slides). Maybe we could watch
>some baseball games instead and do some video analysis. Let's see... we'll
>need a big screen TV... I foresee this taking a long time...we'll probably
>need some refreshments too...
>At 04:13 PM 9/2/2003, you wrote:
>>Hello Jerry,
>>As I said...we should play some softball or baseball at the next AAPT
>>meeting...maybe we can even do some "sliding into base" experiments!
>>In the mean time we can talk to some baseball coaches to see how far off I
>>was in my remarks. Maybe they can even suggest some experiments.
>>Adjunct Lecturer and Supervisor,
>>Advanced Physics Laboratories.
>>Department of Physics,
>>The University of Michigan
>>at Ann Arbor, MI.
>>E-mail: rtorres@umich,edu
>>Phone: 734-764-3443

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From: "Cliff Bettis"
Subject: Re: Cheap copper
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Is the new sig file indicative of a new position? If so, congratulations!

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From: "William Beaty"
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Subject: Cheap copper

> Alaskan Copper quote for single items, not including shipping cost:
> $30 for a half-inch slab, 6" x 6"
> $50 for a one-inch slab, 6" x 6"
> WAY cheaper for larger quantities.
> Is this price low? What has everyone else been paying?
> (((((((((((((((((( ( ( ( ( (O) ) ) ) ) )))))))))))))))))))
> William J. Beaty
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From Wed Sep 3 20:17:26 2003