Date: Fri, 26 Sep 2003 19:20:09 -0400

Author: Wolfgang Rueckner

Subject: Re: deflect a flame


>Hi all
>I just saw a demo by Dr. Yoji Takikawa of Galileo Workshop in Japan.
>He brought a flat pole of a neodymium magnet (1 inch diameter by 2 inch
>long cylinder) up to a candle flame. The flame was deflected away from the
>I'll send the reason why in the next e-mail so that yoou can figure it oout
>for yourself first.
>Paul Doherty

Deflected "away" from the magnet meaning in the direction of the
magnetic field, or perpendicular to the field. If perpendicular,
then is it the upward moving ions in the presence of a magnetic field
that feel the force? Wolfgang
From Fri Sep 26 17:01:31 2003