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Author: Karl Trappe

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I agree with Clarence. Never place the long direction of the brick
along the body, but across the body. The human chest has enough
curvature that pieces will fall to either side. This means that the
"front row of the audience" needs to be far enough back to not have a
tumbling block land on their feet.

Be forewarned that the sledge swinger is vulnerable. Since there is
an inherent motion at the end of the arc which gives horizontal
momentum to the broken piece, it is common for one of the pieces to
be projected toward the sledge swinger's feet. I have had half of a
35-40 pound cinder block land on my shoe (with me standing on a
stool) or have stepped down on the half on the floor and turned my

For anyone contemplating this demo, talk with the Demo Workshop guys
first. most accidents are the result of overlooked dangers, rather
than carelessness. Karl

>You might want to place the block crosswise to the body, so the
>parts go toward the sides and not the chin.
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