Date: Thu, 28 Aug 2003 13:11:32 -0400

Author: Clarence Bennett

Subject: Re: Dropping lead shot?


At 10:48 -0600 8/28/03, Zigmund J. Peacock wrote:
>Karl, I started using copper shot a few years back for demo use.
> I assume there are less hazards associated with copper, am I right?
> Zig

A possible problem is that more of the work will be lost as sound if
the copper is less malleable than lead.

Copper "work hardens" .
You may need to anneal it sometime.

>Karl Trappe wrote:
>> We used to do this in our Physical Science course, but lead shot (or
>> lead anything)is a OSHA problem. I suspect you can get similar
>> results with steel shot. Generally, shot is a slip and fall hazard
>> for your lab if the students have their way...--
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