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Author: "Warren Hein"

Subject: Re: Meeting location confusion.


I will just throw in my two cents here for what it is worth. The last few times we have had the meetings on campuses we have had nothing but complaints from our older members (which now includes more and more of us). The seven plus simultaneous paper session must be scheduled in various buildings on campus, not in one central place, so attendees have a difficult time moving from one session to another if they don't want to stay in the same place. Getting around, up and down stairs, etc. for people is very difficult.

The local host on a campus just about goes crazy trying to satisfy all the demands that we have for A-V equipment, workshops with computer access, etc. etc. Carol Heimpel tries very hard to find appropriate meeting sites on campus but it is very, very difficult. If anyone wants to volunteer their campus and serve as the local host, we certainly would be very happy to hear from you. FYI, there are over 1100 people registered for Madison which is an all time high for pre-registration.


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Tony and Rick,

Well argued and stated. It is not an easy task to find sites that meet the
organization's many needs, but I, too, favor the campus model.

I don't know what the fractional Euro is called, beyond decimals, but I'll
add "meine zwei auch."

Dennis Henry

At 11:19 AM 7/29/03 -0400, you wrote:
> I, for one, think that the late June meeting time was far superior
>to August. It allowed the rest of the summer to incorporate new ideas
>and materials obtained at the meeting. It was a good way to end the
>long winter semester, and the fall semester wasn't starting immediately
>after the meeting, as it is now.
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