Date: Tue, 1 Jul 2003 16:21:08 -0500

Author: "Karl I. Trappe"

Subject: Re: Area under a displacement vs time graph


It does not have to have a physical interpretation. The area is
distance-time. It has units of meter-seconds. I do not know of a
physical reason to care about such a unit, although there could be.

Looking at slopes of x vs t, v vs t, and finally, a vs t gives one
the inclination to pose a similar question, ie, do we *care* about
the time rate of change of acceleration. Generally, the answer is
*no*, but we *could* decide to worry about the third derivative and
the 4th and so on.

>In lab this year, when covering dynamics, we went over what the
>slope, intercept
>and area under graphs of displacement, velocity and acceleration
>represents. We
>could not come up with an answer for what the area under a
>displacement vs time
>graph represents. It seems almost like a "home-sickness" factor
>(multiply how far
>away from home you are by how long you're away from home), but that's pretty
>lame. Anyone out there have a better idea? Thanks for your time all,

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