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Author: Jerry DiMarco

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Well there may be a lot of BS flying around about radioactivity, but
that is true of everything we can form an opinion about. All we can do is
try to dispel the myths whenever the occasion arises. But sometimes there
is disagreement about what is a myth. That charge is often times made by
both sides.
Maybe the EPA is being political in its handling of the radioactivity
issue, or maybe they are trying to get out ahead of the curve and do it
right this time. Our history (and current events) is full of examples of
governments reacting to problems with too little, too late. We shouldn't
be too hasty to criticize...


At 11:47 AM7/15/2003, you wrote:
>I don't want to speak for Dick, but my feeling is there is so much BS
>apparently intended just to scare people that it is important to discuss
>these matters at every chance. I was watching a Harrison Ford epic (K-19)
>the other night with my wife. I was amazed at the fantasy depiction of the
>reactor and its problems as well as the health effects depicted. This sort
>of stuff forms the public image that people have of radioactivity and I
>think it is bad for all of us. I am not sure if the EPA's attitude is
>actually political in the sense that they have an agenda or if it is just a
>reaction to the piles of misconceptions the people that run it may have. It
>is also possible that things like Radon represent convenient whipping boys
>that make it look like the agency is actually doing something important
>while we ignore more important pollution problems.
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> > Anytime I hear this sort of statement about radioactivity I am
> > compelled to ask where you are headed with it. What are you promoting or
> > trying to change? By the way, all government agencies are politicized to
> > some extent, and can be politicized in either direction depending on the
> > current administration...
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> > At 10:35 AM7/15/2003, you wrote:
> > >I would like to comment on this web site and its author. Cameron is a
> > >very knowledgable individual who has written a number of important
> > >articles seriously challenging the common misconceptions regarding
> > >radiation exposure. In particular, he and a number of other physicists
> > >dispute the "linear, no-threshold theory" for exposure to small amounts
> > >radiation. This is important because it (1) affects the limit the EPA
> > >will allow for exposure to radon gas, which is ridiculously low in this
> > >country compared with that allowed in northerh Eurpoean countries, and
> > >(2) gives an inordinately large estimate of the danger due to the normal
> > >radiation background as well as traumatic events like TMI and Chernobyl.
> > >Very strong evidence suggests that, to the contrary, small amounts of
> > >radiation are actually good for you. Read some of the material on this
> > >web site and you will begin to view the EPA as much more of a political
> > >agency than as a scientific group.
> > >
> > >In addition to his work, I should comment that Cameron is highly
> > >by other researchers in the area of radiation.
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