Date: Fri, 11 Jul 2003 10:18:10 -0600

Author: Adam Beehler

Subject: Re: Seeking labs - Again


>You folks have been quite helpful in suggesting labs - especially
>EKG labs - that I might use with pre-med students.
>Now, I have two more questions:
> A. What labs can you suggest for teaching about fluid pressure and fluids
> in general? (These labs need not be specific to pre-med students.)
> B. What labs can you recommend for teaching about Poiseuille's equation?

At Colorado State University we incorporate blood pressure units into one
of our labs. It's main purpose is to demonstrate the difference in
blood/fluid pressure with different heights. For example, take a reading
at your heart level and then take one with your arm extended up and then
again with it down. We have two different kinds of automatic units - one
that goes over a finger and the other that goes around the wrist. Students
can actually calculate what range the new pressure readings should be in
based on the height differences from their hearts. They of course do not
like the unit conversions back and forth from mm Hg and Pascals (ha).
Anyway, that's one idea.

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