Date: Thu, 03 Jul 2003 11:30:49 -0600

Author: Jerry DiMarco

Subject: Re: Logger Pro and the ULI interface


We use 2 force probes and an accelerometer connected to a ULI for a
Newton's Laws lab. I'm pretty sure the folks who developed the lab had to
configure the setup themselves.
Regarding limits on sensors (assuming you are using compatible
sensors), some sensors must be plugged into a certain port. So if that
port is already occupied by another sensor, you're out of luck. You are
also limited to one sensor per same-numbered port. But that still leaves
you with 4 ports. Is that what you meant by "limits"? You can always call
Vernier, they'll be glad to help you with your particular setup...


At 12:39 PM7/2/2003, you wrote:

>Anyone out there ever set up the ULI interface to take data from 3 sensors
>and plot them onto one graph. If it can be done, are there limits as to
>what kind of sensors you can use??
>Thanks in advance,
>Dale Stille
>U of Iowa


Jerry DiMarco
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I would be very interested in the opinions of those out there that are
using Group response systems. We are going to purchase one for a new
225 seat lecture hall. Any ideas about which systems are good and how
they are managed (controll of romotes, IR vs FM radio, etc.)

Clark Snelgrove
Physics Education Research Associate
Virginia Tech-Physics
From Thu Jul 3 15:04:52 2003