Date: Tue, 1 Jul 2003 07:42:28 -0400

Author: Clarence Bennett

Subject: Re: bubble physics


At 17:23 -0500 6/30/03, Thomas J Senior wrote:
>I suggest we do some serious study at the Madison meeting!

That has been a regularly scheduled session for many years.

Clarence Bennett
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From Tue Jul 1 10:13:17 2003
Date: Tue, 01 Jul 2003 10:11:51 -0400
Subject: Seeking New Labs
From: "George M. Caplan"
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I am looking for some new labs for one of our introductory courses.
It is the course taken primarily by chemistry, biology and pre-med

The labs now cover these areas:
1. Mechanics (9 labs)
2. Wave Motion (1 lab)
2. Geometrical Optics (3 labs)
3. Physical Optics (1 lab)
4. Electricity (6 labs)

One of the geometrical optics labs is a human vision lab.

I am interested in labs in the following areas, which I have listed (more
or less) in order of decreasing generality.

1. Labs that are especially useful and interesting to chemistry, biology
and pre-med students

2. Labs involving fluid flow and pressure

3. Labs involving measurement of physiological parameters, e.g. blood
pressure or EKG

4. Labs involving specialized instrumentation. e.g. pH electrodes

I look forward to hearing any suggestions that you all have.

From Tue Jul 1 10:29:53 2003
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