Date: Mon, 9 Jun 2003 14:57:39 -0500

Author: Andrew Yue

Subject: Re: Bernoulli Questions


>I have a few questions:
>1) Does anyone have any advice or recommedations as to what type of
>leaf blower I should buy for a physics show? We plan on using it for
>more than one demo.

Dave Stille sent out a set of plans a while back. We're using a two
speed Black & Decker electric leaf blower from the Home Despot.

>2) How do you construct the tarps that are filled with air from a leaf
>blower and used for lifting people?

Use the cheap blue tarpoulins used to cover pick up truck beds.
They're reinforced.

>3) Does anyone out there still implode oil drums using boiling water? If
>so, where is a good place to find cheap drums, and how do you heat the

Truthfully, I should do this one, but in addition buying or acquiring
the non-lethal variety, storing the drums takes up a bit of space.

>Thank you very much.


All the best,

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