Date: Thu, 7 Nov 2002 14:53:41 +0000


Subject: RE: Alternative fog substitutes?


I'd use the liquid nitrogen in a bind myself; however, if you have a "spencer's
gifts" nearby, they sell small bottles of "fog juice". Also, there's a new
toy called a "zero blaster" which is a small, gun-like rendition of a smoke
ring cannon. I would imagine that most toy stores sell them. And I'd imagine
that they sell small quantities of 'refill' for it.

'hope that helps!

Erik Herman

University of Arizona
College of Science
Teacher Prep Program

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>Date: Thu, 7 Nov 2002 09:36:43 -0500
>From: "Jason St. John"
>Subject: Alternative fog substitutes?
>G'mornin, folks!
>I have a lecturer using my new 55 gal. smoke ring cannon in about 1.5 hrs,
>but my fog fluid won't arrive until Monday. In the meantime, I'm making
>do with liquid nitrogen poured over a bowl of hot water sitting inside the
>barrel. The effect is nice, but I'm looking for alternatives. Dry ice
>ok, but the Chemia supply guy is on my side.
>Any suggestions? They shore would be appreciated.
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