Date: Wed, 06 Nov 2002 09:01:05 -0700

Author: "Zigmund J. Peacock"

Subject: Re: multimedia info


John, I find a Falcon feather a stretch I don't know of a Falcon that has that
white on it and has a feather that big. Goose swan or big seagull, I just can't
bring to my birdloving mind a raptor big enough to donate a feather that large.

John McIntyre wrote:

> Urs Lauterburg wrote:
> > Dear Taplers
> >
> > This makes me remember that I am looking for a DVD video disk containing
> > the sequence where one of the US astronauts drops a hammer and a feather on
> > the moon. (Was it a feather of the great american eagle by the way?)
> It was a falcon feather. Their ship was named Falcon.
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