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Try a NASA resource center. That is where I got my video many years ago,
so many that it is on a Beta tape and having a Bata projector, still use


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There is a video called "Skylab Physics". At one time it was available
A lot of weightless movements by astronauts. Also studies with a
gyroscope in zero gravity.

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At 10:15 PM 11/5/2002 +0100, you wrote:
>Dear Taplers
>This makes me remember that I am looking for a DVD video disk
>the sequence where one of the US astronauts drops a hammer and a
feather on
>the moon. (Was it a feather of the great american eagle by the way?)
Also I
>am looking for DVD video clip of good quality showing astronauts
>games in zero gravity. Any pointers? I am deliberately looking for DVDs
>not conventional NTSC videos, because for the future I want to have
>everything in good quality digital form.
>I purchased the Miller's film DVD from Ztek which contains the Tacoma
>bridge collapse in about as good quality as you expect from the
>film material. I looks so good on one of these brand new bright and
>resolution Sony LCD projectors. For playing back the DVD, either a
>regular DVD player from Sharp or my Apple Titanium G4 Powerbook is
>Regards and a good physical night from all the way from Europe
>Urs Lauterburg
>Physics demonstrator
>LabVIEW wireworker
>University of Bern
> >Not sure if this has been mentioned before, but all of the 600 films
on The
> >Video Encyclopedia of Physics Demonstrations can be found in Real
> >format at
> >Not sure if this is only for certain colleges in Ohio, or what. ???
> >Also, we are in the process of updating old media into newer formats,
and I
> >found that Ztek sells the old Miller/Ealing film-loops on DVD. This
is a set
> >of 2 DVD's for $400.
> >I don't think we are buying the film-loop DVD's, but we are looking
for a
> >couple of loops in digital format if anyone knows where to get them.
> >
> >
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