Date: Tue, 26 Nov 2002 21:53:24 -0800

Author: Duncan Poland

Subject: Re: mental gymnastics


> >And a 14.8% growth rate per year doubles your money in 5 years.
>(7.3% is need for a 5 year doubling.)This has been my target for my
>mutual fund investments. These days, I am happy to avoid a -14.8%

I think that the atomic fine structure constant 1/137 is intended.
It is a pure number, commonly designated with the Greek letter alpha.
Hence, A?

> Duncan

>lo A few have stumped me:
> >
>> 70/PGR = DT
>Probably 70 divided by the percentage growth rate equals the
>doubling time. E.g. 7% interest rate doubles your money in 10 years.
>> 1/127 = A
>This seems very familiar!