Date: Tue, 05 Nov 2002 13:23:31 -0500

Author: "Kent Fisher"

Subject: Flame tube


I'm interested in building a flame tube -- basically a large "gas grill"
with a speaker in one end that shows standing waves by the corresponding
heights of the flames. I have a student who has the know-how to build
one, but we'd appreciate any information & advice -- or, best of all,
some plans! In particular, we're wondering whether anyone knows anything
about choosing the hole spacing and diameter.

As a related demonstration, my student was suggesting that, instead of
putting gas in the tube and burning it, we might put two immisicble
liquids with different densities in a clear plastic tube and see whether
the periodic density gradient produced by standing waves would result in
a visible pattern. Does anyone know if this has been tried before?


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