Date: Fri, 22 Nov 2002 12:05:19 -0700

Author: Jerry DiMarco

Subject: Re: New and Improved DCS files


At 08:19 AM11/22/2002, you wrote:
>Hmmm...hadn't thought of doing an alpha sort since not everyone calls each
>demo the same thing. If there's more than one person interested in an
>alpha sort, I can add that as another worksheet in the Excel files.

I use the Alphabetical DCS to find demos for which I have a name but
no number. Sometimes the name gives no clue where to find it (such as
"wire versus string" or "parametric phenomena"). I already have it
alphabetized and am planning to go through it to eliminate duplicate
listings (same name and number). So I could save you a little work...

>I don't know how often the DCS is updated officially, as this is my first
>year being on the committee. As far as the files I made are concerned, I
>was looking to update them once, maybe twice a year, which is why I added
>the date in the name, so you can tell if you have the latest version.

When you update the DCS, would it be possible to make that file
available for awhile?