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2-D flame table; 3D40.35 2-D flame table
Two-dimensional rectangular and circular flame tables, extensions of the
one-dimensional Rubens tube, are shown in some lower order modes,

(Thanks again Machele, it was a few seconds to search, cut and paste the
demo from the DCS spreadsheet into the email) I know Dr. Daw published an
AJP paper (I think this is the reference; AJP 55(8), 733) concerning these
flame tables. I don't remember if he included plans but I'd venture a guess
that he did. As I'm no longer at NMSU I don't have access to the actual
tables to give you dimensions, type of driver, etc. Again you might want to
contact Chris Pennise as she is the lecture demo person at NMSU now. I'd
check out the AJP article first though. It might have what you want.


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I checked out the bowling ball air gyros (Very nice!), but my attetion was
grabbed by the handful of slides in the tour beginning with

where you have diagrams of three geometries of acoustical flame tables.
These are amazing! I am planning to build a Ruben's tube to demonstrate
1D standing waves, but these 2D guys really take the cake! How are they
driven? Better yet, could you post the plans somewhere, if they're still

Sincerely impressed,
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Dr. Harold Daw, emeritus professor, New Mexico State University built a
gyroscope using a water filled automobile wheel as the rotor. It stands
~1.2 m tall. It is large enough to fit a small person (given the proper
safety instructions) on the lever arm and have the person begin to precess.
I always wanted to bring it to a meeting but could never arrange adequate
transportation. It does break down and will fit in a van. You spin it up
with a custom bit and a heavy duty drill. It would've been a candidate for
the demo design project. Chris Pennise, NMSU, is a possible contact as I'm
not sure how often Dr. Daw is around. is the
department's home page. Here is a link to a picture of it;

They have a nice virtual tour of the department and history. Harold's built
some very nice air gyros using bowling bowls. FYI folks. Respectfully,


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In the hope of making our bicycle wheel/rotating chair exhibit more
practical, I have also been seeking a motorized gimbaled gyro wheel (albeit
larger than the one at JHU). Gimbaled so that small kids could interact with
the exhibit even though they can't hold the wheel out at arm's length,
motorized so that a single individual can experience it although there is no
friend there to spin the wheel.

Dr. Paul O. Johnson
Exhibit Developer
The Science Place
Dallas Texas

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> Folks,
> Brian Alfano, from the Virginia Museum of Science, and who
> does not belong to this list, is looking for a motorized gimbaled
> gyroscope. We have some, such as the one shown on this page:
> However we have none to spare. He is looking to purchase one
> for a exhibit that they are constructing on Space. The one shown on our
> webpage was made be CENCO and is no longer made by them.
> They do have some money to purchase one, so my questions are,
> does anyone have one to spare? and does anyone know where one
> could be purchased?
> You can reply directly to Brian Alfano at
> Thanks -
> Steve Wonnell
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