Date: Thu, 21 Nov 2002 08:58:23 -0500

Author: Tom Ford

Subject: Re: Pre-lab activities?



What is the source of student information with which to answer your
advance study questions? Is this material in the text, in lecture, in a
lab guide, or some other place? What are the steps for processing and for
feedback to the individual student and to the class?

Tom Ford

At 03:22 PM 11/19/02 -0600, POJ wrote:


We take that position, too, David. Since we first wrote our own
lab manual 5 years ago, the first page of every experiment has been ten
advance study questions with the following instructions:

"To show your understanding of the material in this experiment, print
your answers to the following questions on a computer using Microsoft
Word or equivalent application to print text and equations and to draw
graphics. Hand in your printed pages, not this page, at the beginning of
lab class."

For example, the advance study questions for Experiment 2 on Measurement
and Data Analysis (which uses Pasco sensors and Science Workshop
software) include these six:

1. Describe the difference between uncertainty and error in measured and
calculated values.

2. Explain how the motion sensor used in this experiment calculates
distance by measuring time.

3. Show that in multiplication, the relative uncertainty of the product
is the sum of the relative uncertainties of the two factors.

4. Explain the difference between analog and digital displays of measured

5. Write the following values with the correct precision in scientific
notation (powers of ten) in the units given:

(a) 0.0925 gram (b) 3,757,500 second (c) 13/128 centimeter
(d) 9,005,275 gram (e) 73,992 second (f)
Symbolp/72 centimeter

6. Solve the following expression on your calculator:
4Symbolp(635)/17 =

We believe this practice has encouraged our students to study the
experiment before they come to lab class.

Dr. Paul O. Johnson

Math & Science Department

Collin County College

Plano Texas